At The End of the Storm: The story of Liverpool's greatest ever league campaign

The first post-war Football League campaign of 1946/47 was the longest and most tumultuous ever known. For Liverpool FC, it was the ultimate triumph against adversity; a First Division championship won in a style that was to set a precedent for future Anfield success....

Probably best not to ask...

Someone asked me how my journey home was after that game on Sunday and rather than just give a one word answer I went off on one >>>>

My journey home was looooooong but it meant I had time alone to reflect on just how sh!t things have become at the club.

I joined the march against the Yanks before the game and remained in my seat after the game to continue the anti H&G protest. This, unfortunately, as it is becoming clearer, is the pinnacle of the problem. There is something deep rooted in the club that is tearing us apart from the inside.

H&G OUT is the start, do not refinance them is the message, we are a matter of days away from realising our fate. We could be on the verge of administration boys, we could be looking at a 9 point deduction and on current form we are not going to recoup these points through winning games because we simply are not good enough anywhere on the pitch.

Whilst my view FROM the Kop was brilliant, the view OF the game was not. Johnson and Poulsen should not be in the side. Carra, Cole, Gerrard, Kuyt and Ngog whilst industrious were 2nd best. Blackpool were fantastic, they made us look poor and, but for a 20 minute period of pressure after we scored the goal, we were – really poor.

Woy has not got a clue. Why does he play Poulsen when that game had Lucas written all over it? Lucas is a great player against the smaller clubs. Poulsen is just sh!t and couldn’t pass the ball if his life depended on it let alone make a tackle that wins the ball!

This is not Rafa’s legacy, Woy has had his time to work with the players and to state in post match press conferences that he is happy with the performance is worrying. Hence why we were chanting Dalglish after the game. The fans know that even 3rd from bottom with Kenny at the helm we’d be in a much better position. I fear for us, I really do. It is going to get worse.

I honestly can’t see Torres regaining his form, not under Woy. Gerrard is out of sorts. Carragher is getting slower. Cole has been ruined, there is no spark anymore. Who do we have to replace these players? No-one. The reason for that is the lack of proper investment by the owners. Owners of a club invest their own money in players, not use borrowed money which they then cannot afford to repay the interest on. We sell players for a half decent profit but we then don’t reuse all the money to buy similar quality, we buy lower standard players for less money and use the rest to repay the debt.

Whilst we all say it shouldn’t affect things on the pitch it has, it is clear. The noise around the ground, around the city cannot fail to be heard by the players. The anti H&G campaign has grown to a significant size now that it is having an impact.

Songs we sang for an hour after the game

“All we are saying, is sell up and go”

“Tom and George tell lies, they tell lies”

“Gillett and Hicks, are full of sh!t, Gillett and Hicks are full of sh!t, they’re full of sh!t, sh!t and more sh!t, Gillett and Hicks and full of sh!t”

“What do we want? Yanks Out. When do we want it? NOW”

“Get out of our club, get out of our club, you lying b@st@rds, get out of our club”

We’re sinking guys, we’re going under. It’s not going to stop until H&G sell up and go. Purslow is killing us and will continue to do so.

That ‘storm’ that we walk through will end but we are a long way from there yet. I have been to 2 games this season and it is so clear that the ‘buzz’ I experienced last season has changed. It’s not a buzz of expectation or excitement, it’s a buzz of inevitability. The fans support them team unreservedly but the club is dying. The cancer is eating us from the inside out. Listen to the comments made by Kenny, Thommo, Hansen etc. These guys know what it’s meant to be like at LFC. Hansen said “it’s a disgrace” – he’s right. These guys know what they’re talking about. They say Yanks out – they’re right.


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